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The Musō-jikiden Eishin-ryu School of Iaido

Precepts of Master Kōno Hyakuren,
20th Head of the Musō-jikiden Eishin-ryu School of Iaido


I sincerely hope that those who seek to learn the teachings of this school will maintain throughout their training a firm resolution to correctly transmit to later practitioners the forms of our school that former masters have handed down from ancient times to the present day, absolutely uncolored by personal philosophy and in no way altered.

The sword and the mind are one. If the mind is true, the sword will be true. If the mind is untrue, the sword also will be untrue.
Those who seek to learn the sword should pursue not the perfection of certain techniques, but rather a profound understanding of their origin. Their aim should be to govern the self through the practice of techniques, thereby making possible the complete development of the mind.

Know that iaido is an approach to life. It is a lifelong endeavor not lightly to be abandoned, and a pursuit that requires one’s complete dedication.


Translated by Kazuyuki Takahashi & Christian Ratcliff


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Germany seminar 2015

These photos are in here.


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