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Publication Launch Party.

Under the auspices of the Esaka Dojo.

Publication Launch Party of  Esaka Sensei’s book: “An introduction to MJER Iaido”

Jan 25,2015

An introduction to MJER Iaido

Taiwan seminar jan,2015

Updated the Gallery page.

World MJER Iaido Federation’s
Taiwan seminar2015

Events plan 2015.

World MJER Iaido Federation’s calendar was updated.

Calendar is in here!! 

World MJER Iaido Federation – The 3rd Taikai.

World MJER Iaido Federation

The 3rd Taikai.

November 16, 2014


A gift for members.

An introduction to MJER Iaido
We sent the Esaka-sensei’s book to your dojo.
(except Russia, south Africa.)



Esaka-Sensei's book.

Probably, you can get it during November 2014.
I know it’s worth waiting!




6th year greetings from World MJER Iaido Fed.

Dear members,

It has been 5 years since the birth of the Federation. We are now proudly entering the 6th year.

Therefore we would wish to express our sincere appreciation to all the members of the Federation.

Our activity of accurately passing on the orthodox Seito Seiryu Eishin Ryu for the future generations over the past five years led us to a steady establishment of a new flow in Iaido.

During the 6th year we are expecting new colleagues to join us at home and abroad, thus increasing the rates of development of the Federation.

In order to enhance the interest of our members, we have also modified our homepage and therefore we would appreciate your further cooperation.

October 1st, 2014
World MJER Iaido Federation
Representative Director
Esaka Seigen 江 坂 静 嚴

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